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My name is Susanne Murphy. I am an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Speaker, and Certified Personal Life Coach in Positive Psychology. I am a mother of two amazing sons and Bubba to two beautiful grandchilden. They are the lights of my life and I am thrilled to get to be a part of their world.


I live in Maine and enjoy reading, traveling, spending time with family and fellowship with friends.  I've shared my story below but would love to first say that I live for authentic, healing connection with others. I'd be honored to connect with you, get to know you, your heart and your goals. Whether you're in a season of loss and grief, or you're searching for your God-given place and passion in this world, I'd love to walk through it with you and help to ignite the light you were born to bless this world with! Let's connect! Thank you for taking the time to explore healing with me!













All my life, all I have ever wanted to do was heal the hurt in people’s hearts.


Growing up in an alcoholic and abusive home, I witnessed first-hand what unresolved emotional pain can do to individuals and families. Even as a little girl, I was keenly aware that my parents behaved as they did due to deep sadness and I truly believed that if I just loved my parents enough, they would stop hurting themselves, each other, me, and my siblings. 


My childhood experiences played an intricate role in developing in me the desire to see people set free from the hurts that hold them up and set them back.  But before I could effectively help others, I needed to heal first.


Though I had gained a great deal of healing after going through therapy for an eating disorder in my early thirties I knew something was still missing.  It wasn’t until nearly a decade later, after a series of significant losses including a painful divorce, the death of both of my parents, and the loss of a childhood love, did I find the Grief Recovery Method.

The emotional pain, the unhealthy belief systems, and trauma that I was healed from while going through the Grief Recovery Method was so life altering that I immediately enrolled in the Grief Recovery Institute and became an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.  


And with that my childhood dream was realized:  I finally knew how to effectively heal the hurts in people’s hearts.


But I wasn’t done, I wanted to do more.  And since I love to encourage, equip, and inspire others I enrolled in the The CAPP Institute and became a Certified Personal Life Coach in Positive Psychology. I have found grief recovery and life coaching to be a winning combination. I love helping people overcome the hurts in their past through the Grief Recovery Method and then helping them effectively move forward through life coaching. 


That is why I named my business Whole Heart Coaching; because I am here to support your whole heart.


Lisbon, Maine

Offering Individual and Group Sessions / Online Sessions Available

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